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Photos of the Park:


Lytle Park began its existence in 1914. Now, almost 100 yrs. later it has grown and changed in many ways. Our 24 acre park is home to multiple playground areas, numerous gardens, tennis courts, pavilions, a large variety of trees and plantings, picnic areas, a beautiful fountain, open play spaces, and a massive swimming pool. Lytle is a great place to visit, to enjoy and relax surrounded by nature.


We encourage everyone to embrace the philosophy of, “Leave No Trace.”

  • Leave what you find (plants, rocks, flowers, nests, etc.)
  • Dispose of waste properly (food, drinks, and litter in receptacles)
  • Respect wildlife (observe from a distance, do not feed, do not disturb habitat)
  • Be respectful and considerate of other visitors

Our Goal is to provide a clean, safe and friendly environment to enjoy the outdoors. Our policies work toward that end. Mattoon Township Park District reserves the right to ban admittance to the park to those who refuse to follow Lytle Park’s rules and policies.

  • Any and all criminal behavior will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
  • No alcohol is allowed on park property.
  • No fighting or bullying will be tolerated.
  • All pets must be leashed and under control at all times. All waste from your pet must be bagged and put in a trash receptacle.
  • Your trash is your responsibility, pick-up after yourself, deposit your trash in the provided receptacles.
  • When driving, watch out for children and adults on the roadway, follow speed and directional signage.


  • Two Pavilions, available for reservation
  • Six Tennis Courts
  • One Pickle Ball Court
  • Two Playground Areas
  • 50 Picnic Tables through-out the park
  • One Fountain
  • Two Larger open play spaces
  • Historic oil well
  • One large “Children’s Garden” and numerous other garden spaces


3298 Cedar Ave.
Mattoon, IL 61938