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“Green Environment” relates to the concerns for environmental conservation and improved health of the environment. This includes supporting practices like informed consumption, conservation practices and investment in renewable energy. By recognizing the balance between humans and various natural eco-systems, we hope to lead by example through changes in our practices, public policy and individual behavior to renew and revitalize our connection with nature.

Master Plan:

The Lytle Park Master Plan is a living document that communicates a sustainable vision for the next 100 years, proceeding a century of existence that the park has supported Mattoon residents in many ways. By setting the direction for current and future residents, development of the physical manifestations upon the site continues to support this sustainable vision and even builds off of them for generations to come. Shaped by feedback from Justin Grady, Lytle Park’s Superintendent, and members of the Park Board, goals and objectives have been interpreted into this Master Plan document. Each green space has been developed to determine the arrangement of water elements, circulation patterns, structure locations, parking zones, and new landscapes. These arrangements are coupled with principles of design that center on sustainability, which inform the final layout and material choices for each garden space.

Building off existing uses within the park, the goals and objectives are to weave together art, nature, culture, and sustainability. Through the restoration of native ecosystems to managing on-site stormwater, the ideas engendered in each plan, sketch, and written description of places within Lytle Park collectively represent its commitment to being recognized as an educator of sustainability. From utilization of on-site signage and demonstrations to the promotion of new programmatic opportunities and beyond, the park establishes itself as a leader in teaching visitors about environmental responsibility.

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